Compassion For All Animals

Evermay Farm is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit sanctuary located in central Georgia, founded in 2008 with the belief that all creatures deserve respect, dignity, and compassion. Our mission is to nourish the spirit of every animal that lives at the sanctuary. Evermay Farm does not breed, sell, or adopt out animals. Every animal rescued is given a safe, loving home — for life.

Presently, the farm is home to a menagerie of critters of all shapes and sizes. Edmund the donkey, who was the first resident of the farm, is featured in the children's book, "Edmund Pickle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story".

Visitation Policy

Evermay Farm has a strict policy against unscheduled visitors. For the protection of our animals as we wish to provide a tranquil environment to every animal in our care.

A Philosophy of Care and Compassion

We understand each animal has a unique personality and history that oftentimes has a profound impact on their behavior and physical health, particularly those that come to us from abusive and neglectful environments. Here at Evermay Farm, we heal emotional and physical wounds giving each animal the individual care and attention needed to best acclimate each one to the comforts of sanctuary life. For some this can be a speedy process, and others, the scars of neglect may never fully heal.

Our philosophy is simple. Animals cannot speak our language, so compassion and patience is necessary to learn and observe how best to address their needs according to their unique personality and disposition. With this philosophy, we believe we can better provide the animals of Evermay Farm with the care and compassion needed to provide rehabilitation and care for their long term needs.

Most animals didn't end up unwanted, homeless or needing sanctuary on their own. Many people view the animals as disposable, not able to see the value in these complex creatures who display a wide range of feelings and emotions. At Evermay we treat each animal on an individual level with the compassion all living creatures deserve.

That is why we believe keeping our intake of critters at a manageable number helps us provide the highest quality care and the best quality of life for all those living here at the sanctuary.

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